outsideOUTSIDE is the brainchild of LA-based duo Tali & Kali. The duo made their debut this past Valentine’s Day with their single “Habits,” and within a few months it had over 300,000 streams on Spotify and even landed them a deal with Warner Bros Records.

If you ask the duo their goal for outsideOUTSIDE, it’s to make a place where all listeners can come to feel safe and relieved from their pain, anxieties, and all other stresses in life. “We’re mirroring our experiences and showing we’re not perfect. We’re just like you,” Kali states, “We go through the same things, and we understand. We recognized that kids needed somewhere to go where they could share these feelings, so we offer a sanctuary. You may not talk about it, but you access it at a show or in your room wearing headphones at 4 o’clock in the morning.”

Today, we are more than excited to be premiering a new single from outsideOUTSIDE called “almostDEAD.” Expanding on the song, the duo shares that “‘almostDEAD’ is about your former lover haunting every new relationship you try to make. It’s about drowning those feelings in drugs until you feel numb. Even withdrawal doesn’t hurt as bad as knowing you’ll never get that same fucked up, but perfect, love again. You’d rather almost overdose just to feel nothing than let yourself go back to them.”

The song is an eclectic track that combines the haze of 808s, trap percussion, and even some nocturnal R&B. On the track, outsideOUTSIDE worked with Yung Bans, and share that “We felt like Bans was breaking away from the usual scene and creating a sound that has timelessly unique, which made him a perfect fir for the track.”

Check out “almostDEAD” for yourself below, and make sure you keep up the duo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for additional updates, as well!