The most memorable pop music is the kind that strays from current trends to ensure that the end result is something authentic and that people can latch on to. Austin Ward has spent years working behind the scenes to ensure that his first go-round in the public eye does just that; opting to trade in high-energy dance beats for sultry, smooth guitars and an energy sensual enough that it immediately carries you into the smokiest of lounges. “Bubblegum” is anything but your standard pop song — it’s velvet rope pop music at its very best.

The music video capitalizes on the haziness of the track; bringing viewers right into the thick of a poorly-lit club, only to find that we’re caught in a dance scene that would leave Ryan Murphy jealous. The movement is hypnotic and it feels as though everybody in the club has been taken over by some kind of easy-listening loving demon hell-bent on making sure that Austin Ward & co get the attention they deserve for the four minutes of bliss that comes from his debut single.

When asked about the track and video, Austin said: “‘Bubblegum’ chronicles the pursuit of love and cohesion in the vapid, fast, and often heartless environment of Los Angeles. It is my ask to dance, my outcry for connection. From the start, I envisioned the video to be a one-take. I wanted the 4 minute 18 second single shot to capture the delirious fluidity of a night out in the fast-lane. Myself and the female lead, played by the lovely Emily Duncan, are the centerpiece, as we theatrically move through fleeting interactions in a state of suspended reality; a modern game of cat and mouse. I couldn’t be prouder of this video. It’s the product of an incredibly talented and passionate cast+crew who went above and beyond in delivering on my vision. Special thanks to my dear friend and director Elliot Wolf, and creative partner Ryan Feinberg for helping bring this song to life. Hope y’all enjoy.”

The music video for “Bubblegum” can be seen above.