When Sophia Black made her musical debut back in 2014, listeners were enamored by her airy and euphoric vocals featuring a pop twist. The following year she went on to release her self-titled EP which featured her hit single, “Anchor,” breaking over 300k streams in just a few short months. It was immediately obvious that there would be more to come from the LA-based singer/songwriter and it’s safe to say we’ve been proven right.

While it’s been three years since Black’s last release, the artist has since accumulated over 11 million streams on Spotify and she’s now returned with an elevated sound in her newest single, “Real Shit” ft. Kyle. Today we’re stoked to premiere the music video for “Real Shit,” found in the player above.

Taking listeners on a journey of party life through a smooth R&B beat and fire rhymes, the music video for “Real Shit” was filmed to mimic the nostalgic vibe of a VHS home movie featuring flip phones, overalls, and even some fun choreographed shoulder movements. On the concept behind the video, Black tells us, “When I was originally writing this song, I would walk around the studio mouthing the words as if i was already walking through a party, which is where I got the idea of having a one shot video. This next EP has a lot of nostalgic references, so I always knew I wanted to incorporate a home-video-esque vibe to it.”

The video, Black’s first, included some of the artist’s friends as extras which gave the video a personal touch. She explains, “The entire shoot as a whole was just such a good ol’ fun time!…It really felt like a party the entire time and made the entire experience just a whole lot more authentic. I think having people I love in the video just also put such good energy into the video which is what I want to share with people.” However, one of Black’s favorite parts about the video process was the day after the shoot. “I thought it was hilarious how I went from being surrounded by 40 people and having my hair retouched every five seconds to sitting in my room alone the next day eating lucky charms directly from the bag with the makeup from the shoot still smeared all over my face.”

Needless to say, Sophia Black is really just your average girl. She likes to have fun, hang out with friends, but what makes her different is that she uses her music to tell stories people can relate to. Life’s a real bitch, but that’s some real shit.