It never hurts to express some love to those you care about during your day. It takes almost no effort, your friends, partners, or family members will appreciate it, and you’ll have a nice happy feeling inside too. That’s the spirt that Broadside have in mind with the release of their music video for “Hidden Colors.”

The video finds the band performing in a warehouse absolutely coated in paintings. It looks cool enough to begin with, and a bit into the video the regular lights go down, the black lights go up, and everything glows with vibrant colors and patterns. The song is rich and warm (and sneaks in a Titanic reference) and is your feel-good jam of the day. Frontman Oliver Baxxter said in a press release: “‘Hidden Colors’ is about young lovers in the night. It’s about telling that person just what you appreciate about them. You can NEVER tell someone enough how much they actually mean to you.”

“Hidden Colors” is from Broadside’s upcoming release Paradise. The album is Broadside’s second studio effort and will be released on June 16 through Victory Records. Pre-orders are ongoing.