We’re big fans of Au/Ra here at Substream. Just two weeks ago we had the great pleasure of premiering the music video for “Panic Room,” Au/Ra’s latest single. We love the booming synths that give “Panic Room” its kick, and the song paired perfectly with the horror movie-esque music video. There are multiple ways for a song to work, as Au/Ra proved with the acoustic version of her song “Outsiders” earlier in the year. She’s pulled a similar trick off today with the release of the acoustic version of “Panic Room.”

While the full version of “Panic Room” focused more on the menacing aspect of inner demons with those booming synths, the acoustic version takes on another mood altogether. With the lonesome guitar plucking along with Au/Ra’s expertly tempered voice, the new version of “Panic Room” emphasizes the sadness that comes with doing battle with the thoughts in your own head. The song doesn’t completely lose its original mood, as the heavier riffs that are strummed with vigor during the chorus still convey some of that looming fear from the original version.

Check out the acoustic version of “Panic Room” below. We can’t wait for what Au/Ra has in store next, and we hope whatever she decides to release comes with its own acoustic version.