I’ve included Au/Ra in my weekly Take 5 column twice now. The acoustic version of her song “Outsiders” immediately captured my attention at the start of the year with smart writing based off of a famous Pink Floyd line. Her latest single, “Panic Room,” has not left my head since I heard it. A panic room is where you go for safety when things head south, but in Au/Ra‘s song there’s no shelter from the creatures lurking in the darkness, whether they be physical or the more dangerous variety located in the corners of your own mind. I’ve never heard a pop song that perfectly captures a sense of dread and fear like Au/Ra does on “Panic Room.” As a pop music lover and a horror buff, I’m enthralled with the song. My love for all things pop and horror also means that I am especially pleased and excited to premiere the new music video for “Panic Room.”

The video is set in what appears to be an underground hospital, but no one’s receiving care here at the moment. Alarms on the wall blare, and as Au/Ra stumbles down the hallway singing and clutching her hands close to her heart the rest of the employees flee in terror. What are they running from? We don’t know, which makes it all the more terrifying. Like any good horror movie, the music video for “Panic Room” has a twist or two, but revealing those before you watch would be no fun at all.

Asked about the video, Au/Ra said “It’s still so surreal to me that my idea actually became a music video. With the help of Granz (the director), it developed into something full-fledged that I’m super proud of. I can’t wait for you guys to see it and I hope the underlying message of the video is clear, which is that you can be your biggest enemy.”

Turn off the lights, get cozy, and watch Au/Ra’s music video for “Panic Room” below.

Featured photo courtesy of Jeen Na