I love when music surprises me. It can be something as simple as finding an excellent new artist when scrolling through social media or when a favorite unveils a cool new sound. The ability to play with expectations and create something unique and different is an exciting part of consuming music. If you’ve heard Bushwick’s MADELIN before, you know to expect the unexpected. Her blend of electronic and pop music has wowed fans across many years and several EPs. The surprises and delights keep coming today, as Substream premieres MADELIN’s newest EP, the wonderfully titled Then Her Head Fell Off.

Across seven tracks, MADELIN does whatever she wants to and nails all of it on Then Her Head Fell Off. Previously released single “Monarch” leads off the EP, and the glimmering dance track will never get old. Her commitment to getting the most out of any synth, instrument, or sound she uses remains a constant throughout the EP. The gloomy, percussion driven “In Fashion” and the horror-eque opening of “Open Sign” thrive because of how different they sound from the singles. “Broken Star” incorporates industrial aspects and a more urgent pace, and “Accidental Poetry” is synthpop at its finest. The slow, thoughtful “Birthday” is the perfect track to end the EP on, giving listeners time to process all they’ve heard. No matter what you might possibly want out of an EP, MADELIN delivers it in glorious, inventive ways on Then Her Head Fell Off.

The EP came to life through the process of MADELIN going on her own journey. She says:

“‘Then Her Head Fell Off’ is a collage of the past five years of my life. It taps into my dreamlike experience in the underground world of New York nightlife, the feeling of being enamored with a person, and then watching that love grow up and change, grappling with my own humanity and the constantly shifting duality of life on both the macro and micro scale. It’s essentially a coming of age / slice of life collection of songs. Long story short, she was born, she was naive, she learned a lot of lessons, and then her head fell off.”

Then Her Head Fell Off officially drops this Friday, May 3. You can stream the EP now after the jump.