If there’s any positive to be derived from the current political climate, it’s the bevy of passionate art it’s inspired day in and day out from a vast spectrum of mediums. Music has always been amid the forefront of that output and that remains the case in 2017.

Agency, a mostly elusive collective (?) producing important soul and R&B-based hip-hop (and beyond), are back with a new release whose main focus is addressing the challenges we’re facing under the current presidency. The aptly titled Resist is an ambitious 15-track journey that musically traverses several genres and eras. It’s packed with jams, dance jams, slow jams, and absolutely moving jams like “Red To The Moon” and a surprising cover of Sinéad O’Connor’s “Black Boys On Mopeds,” which might reveal your true identity as a robot if it doesn’t move you to tears.

In the past, Agency has said, “We cover the human experience… a wealth of material shedding light on our loves, our regrets, our hopes, and our fears.” This statement has never been truer that with the release of Resist. Listen through below and let us know what you think.