Today, Orlando, Florida-based rock band Magnolia Park have announced that they will be releasing two new EP’s on August 18th via Epitaph Records.

Staying true to their unique style of being rooted in pop-punk sensibilities while drawing from their eclectic mix of influences of hip-hop, emo, and more, the two new EP’s — SoulEater and MoonEater — both represent the lighter and darker side of their multifaceted sound.

Ahead of the releases, Magnolia Park has shared the MoonEater lead single and accompanying music video titled “Breathing”, featuring alt-rapper nothing,nowhere. In an impassioned performance video depicting Magnolia Park singer Joshua Roberts free-falling from the heavens, he pushes his soaring vocals to the edge for a cathartic release of emotions.

“Our music is always about creating empowerment out of negative feelings,” the band comments. “In the same way, “Breathing” takes that feeling of crushing anxiety and panic attacks and converts it into pure power and energy.” 

With “Breathing” the band sets the tone for a darker and more ethereal soundscape found on the MoonEater EP. In this project they lean into metalcore influences via crushing breakdowns and washes of highly distorted guitars, also highlighting trap production and alt-rap influences. The project includes their hit single “Do Or Die”, a self-described “hybrid version of Phonk and rock” featuring aggressive vocals from rapper Ethan Ross. Another single “Homicide” makes an appearance boasting massive arena-rock sonics.

For SoulEater the band wanted to establish a brighter mood with fun, uplifting lyrics and catchy hooks as they embrace their pop-leaning influences. Employing textural alt-pop production and synth-laden soundscapes they present a modern update to the classic 2000’s pop-punk bands they grew up on. With playful energy and youthful angst, the music video for “Manic” pays homage to Blink 182, reimagining the trio’s energetic riffs and catchy hooks.

MoonEater can be pre-ordered/pre-saved here, while SoulEater can be pre-ordered/pre-saved here.

MoonEater artwork:

Mooneater Magnolia Park

MoonEater Tracklisting 

  1. Homicide
  2. Breathing feat. nothing,nowhere.
  3. Do or Die feat. Ethan Ross
  4. Unholy Heart feat. Honey Revenge
  5. HeartStopper feat. Grieve

SoulEater artwork:

Souleater Magnolia Park

SoulEater Tracklisting 

  1. Manic feat. 408
  2. Blud Luv feat. Decode
  3. D4U
  4. L.O.V.E.
  5. Wishful Thinking