Stickybuds is a multi-talented dance sensation who built his success in executing consecutive hit-making experiments. His latest idea comes in the hour-long high volume party time using a single track in the previous release, “Take a Stand”.

Respected by many of Dance music’s premiere talents for his daring creative abilities and fearless nature. Stickybuds, now a prominent fixture, isn’t afraid to explore rare genres including glitch hop and hybrid trap. Skin in the game, the Canadian superstar understands what fans want and happily obliges consistently.

“Take a Stand” is an electrifying 16-track remix collection that showcases the vast diversity that Sticky has to offer. Stickybuds express, “This remix album is a representation of my life as a DJ and Producer. Pretty much everyone on here has been an influence along the way. Guys like A.Skillz and Ed Solo who were early heroes of mine. Artists who I’ve been playing since they started their careers like Skope, Kursa, Hydraulix and Beat Fatigue. My current crew of label mates like K+Lab and Defunk. Newer producers on the scene like Kotek, Seppa, Ahee and Rumpus. I asked all of them to do a remix because I love their music, I love how diverse they all are. I’m also lucky to call them friends”.

The new project is available now via Westwood Recordings.

Stream “Take a Stand” now, courtesy of Spotify.