What a Super Bowl last night! Hopefully, that is. This Take 5 is being written before the Super Bowl because once 6pm rolls around my attention will be firmly on football. I won’t be alone, as chances are at least a few of you also watched the big game. While sports are fine and fun, music is pretty great too. While the NFL dominated our collective attention this weekend, there was some great music released as well. Let’s get to the songs.


What better way to start February than with a new song from electro-pop masters CHVRCHES? New track “Get Out” is exactly what we need to jolt ourselves out of a winter malaise. A steady electronic drone builds and drops out at exactly the right times in the verses to build momentum, and the chorus is a burst of energy that lets Lauren Mayberry shine. If you want to hear more from Mayberry, watch through the video for the song until you find a phone number. Call it, see what happens.

Vance Joy – Saturday Sun

Vance Joy‘s music is often a blast of concentrated happiness. Continuing the theme from CHVRCHES up top, happiness and energy is what I need to stave off the cold. Thankfully, Joy came through with his new song “Saturday Sun.” It’s a joyous song about finding a new love out West where its not currently freezing. Joy put together a richly textured instrumental, and his belting chorus here is a delight. If you need sunshine like me, “Saturday Sun” is as good a source for it as any.

Brandi Carlile – Whatever You Do

If you’ve heard any of the music from Brandi Carlile‘s upcoming album By The Way, I Forgive You, you’re probably as excited for the album release as I am. Carlile has never been shy when it comes to talking about her life, but the new project is shaping up to be her most honest music yet. “Whatever You Do” is a great example of this, a raw song about her journey in life and those she’s shared it with. Carlile, who puts on a magnificent live show, released a live version of the song as well, and it is stunning.

Fruition – Let’s Take It Too Far

A friend of mine recently introduced me to Portland band Fruition, and I instantly became a fan upon first listen. It was good timing as well, as the band just released a new album, Watching It All Fall Apart. “Let’s Take It Too Far” is a good crash course for newbies to the band, blending folk and rock with some amazing vocal harmonies and strong writing. As someone who feels emotions intensely and often dives headfirst into new friendships and interactions, that same theme in “Let’s Take It Too Far” speaks to me.

X Ambassadors – Don’t Stay

Last week was the second in a row with a new song from X Ambassadors. Not that I didn’t like “Joyful,” but last week’s “Don’t Stay” is my favorite of the two. It’s a simple, almost reverent song, with an uncomplicated beat and a heartfelt message that the subject in question shouldn’t stay just because lead singer Sam Harris wants them to. Speaking of Harris, he is at his stunning best here. The emotion in his voice is incredible, and the falsetto he launches into on the chorus and bridge is some of the best singing he’s ever put on a track.


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