Half Waif made a huge splash with the release of their incredible Form/A EP around this time last year. Form/A had moments that felt industrial and cold but found warmth in the serenity of mastermind Nandi Rose Plunkett’s ethereal vocal tones. It was a beautifully expansive and inviting look into the sharper corners of pop music — the side of the genre that hits you in the spine and sends shivers throughout your body in a way that you just can’t help but resonate with.

Half Waif announced the follow-up to Form/A today will be a full-length record called Lavender and will be released on April 27th in partnership with Cascine Records. The announcement came paired with the visually stunning and sonically captivating music video for a new song called “Keep It Out.” The track itself has some of the most heart-thumping bass and Nandi’s ghost-like vocals surround you like a dense fog as she delivers the push and pull of the opening “Keep it out/keep it in” before plunging into the lyrical depths of lines like “if everybody is searching for the same shelter/why does anybody think it’s theirs to know?” It’s this craftsmanship that keeps you immobile and without complaint. There’s a pragmatic and purposeful kind of storytelling that comes from Nandi’s brand of thoughtful and evocative “mood ring pop” that you can’t (and honestly won’t want to) escape.

Details surrounding Lavender can be found below. You can watch the music video for “Keep It Out” above.


  1. Lavender Burning
  2. Torches
  3. Keep It Out
  4. Lilac House
  5. In The Evening
  6. Solid 2 Void
  7. Silt
  8. Back In Brooklyn
  9. Parts
  10. Leveler
  11. Salt Candy
  12. Ocean Scope

Half Waif - Lavender

Lavender will be released April 27th on Cascine. Pre-orders are available here.