Denmark-based progressive house creator Reimer is here to make a statement with Exodus, an eight-and-a-half-minute, two-track EP of otherworldly EDM that’s almost impossible to not lose yourself to. With no vocals and just two songs, Reimer says plenty, and we’re listening.

“Exodus” and “Woodsman” are dark, epic, and inventive with beautiful tones and atmosphere that while occasionally ethereal and hypnotic will still have you dancing your ass off until you wear yourself out and just sink into your couch with your eyes closed as you drift away to your umpteenth listen of both tracks on repeat.

EPs are meant to hold you over and get you excited for more to come from an artist, and Reimer’s Exodus has done exactly that. Although a brief introduction, this release was the perfect teaser to get anyone who listens hooked for what’s to come.

Listen to Exodus in its entirety below and let us know what you think.