As we grow older, we’re forced to confront our demons. It’s never a pleasant process, but it’s something we must do nonetheless; ultimately, facing the darkest parts of our selves will help us grow and improve. With their brand new video for “Tides,” Houston-based band Polaroid Summer are hoping to further the conversation about substance abuse – an ever-growing problem that affects people of all ages, races and economic backgrounds. “Tides” cuts between shots of the band members and clips of young women with various animal masks covering their faces, wrestling their demons in moodily lit rooms and dark hallways. Nothing is held back in their portrayal of substance abuse, and while the clip shows a very stark reality, it’s also a reminder that no one has to struggle alone.

Singer Micaiah Walker says of the song: “TIDES is a song that represents the struggles of addiction, depression, anxiety and other trials that drastically affect our young community today more than ever. Although the track portrays struggles, it’s also a song about healing and how important it is to make a change for yourself. The chorus line ‘Tides turning for the inside’ portrays just that. Our hope is that this song will help others through their internal struggles making them aware that they not alone and to encourage them to open up and talk to someone.”

Walker, formerly of VerseCity, joined forces with Brian Barrett (drums), Trace Sisson (guitar), and Kenneth Conlon (bass), all formerly of Lost Element, in hopes of a fresh musical start. After spending the winter of 2016 at Mix Star studios in Virginia Beach with producer Bryce Bordone, Polaroid Summer honed in on an alt-pop sound that’s equal parts electronic and organic.

Polaroid Summer are hard at work on their debut EP. The band plans to release more new music and hit the road in 2018, so be sure to keep up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to see what they have in store.