There’s no doubt that the acquisition of Black Mirror has been a success for Netflix. The British anthology series focused on the horrifying pitfalls of technology was a cult hit through its first two series. The third season, the first under Netflix’s ownership, was also a huge critical hit. In August, the trailer for the fourth season of Black Mirror, was released, revealing episode titles and not much else. Over the weekend Netflix started releasing trailers for each of those episodes, giving us a better idea of what’s going down this season.

The first episode is “Arkangel,” the trailer for which dropped on Saturday. The tagline for the episode is “The key to good parenting is control.” After her daughter nearly gets lost by wandering off, her mother decides to take drastic steps. Enter an experimental project that allows a parent to literally control their child. Based on the dogs that lose their mind when the daughter goes by and some disturbingly violent drawings, the project might have a few bugs.

“Crocodile” is the focus of the second trailer, which was released on on Sunday. This episode is focused on memory, namely it’s vague, murky nature. What do we forget in the course of a day? What do we misremember? A woman visits multiple people who are seemingly witnesses to crimes or other traumatic events with a device that lets her see into their memories. All you need to do is “Picture what you saw.”

There’s still no release date for Season 4 of Black Mirror, and with six episodes on the docket we’re expecting four more trailers. We’ll continue to update this post as more trailers are released.

Update 1: November 28: The third trailer is here, welcoming viewers into the “Black Museum.” Said museum is an exhibit full of objects used in horrific incidents, including a costume from Series 2 episode “White Bear.” The owner of said museum seems a little bit off, and our protagonist seems a little more leery of the museum than the regular guests.

Update 2: December 1: Dating apps are the center of the fourth episode trailer shown. It’s unclear how the name “Hang The DJ” ties in, but the trailer follows our protagonist as he uses an app that tells couples when their “expiration date” is. The founders of the app seem enthralled with it, but there are doubts about how much good it can actually do.

Update 3: December 3: Episode 5 might be the best trailer yet. Titled “Metalhead,” this black and white episode finds a woman being endlessly pursued by some sort of robot. She refers to it as “the dog” and the brief glimpse we see of it confirms it is some sort of canine-inspired machine. Judging by some of the other shots in the trailer, this “dog” can do some damage when it catches up to somebody.

Update 4: December 5: The final trailer has arrived. The last episode is called “U.S.S. Callister,” and the setting might look a bit familiar. The episode is clearly a play on Star Trek, from the brightly colored uniform to the hokey effects and over the top acting. It’s unclear if the episode is actually set in outer space or if it’s a show within Black Mirror, but either way we’re interested. While there are no more trailers to be had, there’s still no release date for the new season. We’ll keep you updated when a date is finally announced.