Minnesota’s Tiny Moving Parts deliver the cure for the return to work blues with an undeniable new song.

Few things in life are guaranteed. Aside from the fact that we all have parents and we will all inevitably have to die there is next to nothing that is certain in this crazy thing called existence. That is, except for the quality of Tiny Moving Parts. With three albums under their belt the trio of young men from Minnesota have long proven themselves to be a force for all that is good in the world of alternative rock. Their latest offering is, perhaps unsurprisingly, no exception.

“Caution” premiered online early Monday morning, November 27. The song finds vocalist Dylan Mattheisen reflecting on the lessons learned in his short time on this planet. Of them, the simple truth that there is no way to go back or change the past seems to be the most pressing. Whether or not that is a good thing is something you would have to ask him, but you get the sense after listening to the song that Mattheisen and his bandmates have learned from their experiences and are using their knowledge to plan a better, more mature path for the future.

The video for “Caution” finds Tiny Moving Parts’ long history of delivering entertaining visuals continue as the band is portrayed by three elderly janitors working another late night in a school cafeteria. As the song builds the men abandon their work to perform, using their mops and buckets as instruments, until the trio eventually transforms into the band as we know them today. You can view the video above.

The lyrics for “Caution” are as follows:

The caution tape that you’ve wrapped around my brain
has continued to stay as I’m waiting for a break.
Constantly connecting dots.
Trying my best, consuming facts.
All I’ve learned is what’s done is done,
and you can not change the past.
Helping or hurting? I am numb.
I haven’t felt anything in days.
Confusion is key as I am locked inside,
or am I just really gone?

A constant strain right behind my face.
I’m still waiting for a slight break.

I know we’re just different.
Keep drinking from the same cup,
it’ll fill you up.
It’ll keep you numb.

Simplify the motions.
Counteract the movements.
Don’t think twice because this is love.

You are caffeine in my bloodstream.
You are the energy hidden in between two muscles sleeping.
Please don’t wake me up.
I miss myself too much.

All I have is patience.
We all lose strength someday.
I’ve been waiting for a slight break.

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