Foxture is the kind of band that I like to call a genre ghost. Ghosts dwell between two worlds — taking pieces and interactions from both and creating their own reality. For Foxture, those worlds are indie-pop and progressive rock. Their music is so lush and full-bodied that listening to them often feels more like an exercise in lucid dreaming than it does a traditional “sit and listen.” Vocalist, Marlon Blackmon, has a breathy and ethereal quality to his delivery that feels heightened by the band’s knack for writing incredible pieces of pop music that have just the right amount of post-rock’s expansive story-improving ability.

Building off of the sound present on Circles, Foxture have perfected their own unique brand of dream-pop-rock on their upcoming E D E N EP, which they’ll be self-releasing on October 27th. Today, I’m excited to share a brand new song called “Understanding pt. 1” with y’all. Blackmon’s smooth vocals are given some real oomph by the track’s driving drum section, and airy keys and guitar create a soundscape that feels so hazey that you can’t help but get caught up in it. When asked about the track, the band says that “‘Understanding pt. 1’ is the start of a series for the musical collective, as they explore the learning process of interpersonal anxieties from thoughts and reactions that were second-guessed in hindsight.

You can stream this driving journey of a song below.

E D E N is out October 27th. Pre-orders are available here.