A Friday The 13th in October is an especially spooky day. Halloween is almost here, so any sort of media that send shivers down your spine is in the spotlight. Stranger Things had it’s share of things that go bump in the night in its first season, from shadowy science experiments to the fearsome Demogorgon. In July the first trailer for the second season teased some of what was to come, and today the final trailer expounds upon that tension.

This trailer shows us more of Eleven than we’ve seen in previous teasers, with the opening scene dedicated to her collecting Eggos from the box Hopper set up for her. Meanwhile, Will still isn’t doing great after spending time in the Upside Down. Despite all the mayhem that happened the first time around, those scientists from the first season are still going, and now the wall between our world and the Upside Down is getting thin. With bigger threats comes the need for more help, and several new characters are shown joining the fray.

Stranger Things 2 is only two weeks away, with a release date of October 27. Just like the first season, every episode will be available to stream on Netflix.