Back in August, the 17-year-old rapper known as Lil Pump released his ridiculously catchy (and insanely repetitive) song “Gucci Gang,” which now has over 108 million streams combined between Spotify and Youtube. In early October it was followed by the release of his debut album Lil Pump and now, the South Florida native is back with the music video for “Gucci Gang”, which can be seen above.

The video takes place at the fictional Gucci Gang High. Lil Pump- who created the concept for the video- drives up in a convertible. He is then seen strolling around the parking lot with a Slurpee cup and walking the halls with a tiger as an “After School Care Cart”- loaded with Styrofoam cups and lollipops- is wheeled past them. He has his arms full with bags of weed and just as things seem like they might start making sense, a food fight breaks out on campus, of which there is no clear winner. The “Gucci Gang” video ends with our star standing on top of a luxury car at night, blowing smoke as he raps the final lines of the song.

If the video has you intrigued and wanting more, you can listen to the entire album below. Though it has a total of fifteen tracks, don’t let that fool you: Lil Pump is a quick listen, clocking in at only thirty-six minutes.

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