For the last four years, Fear Mint has been a way for the tag team champions of the world, James Cassar and Corey Purvis of Near Mint Records, to introduce the world to music that deserves to be paid attention too, and this year is no exception. In fact, Fear Mint Volume Four, might be the best handful of songs that the series has pushed into the universe yet. Each of the four artists that make up this year’s release bring something different to the table; Ratboys has settled into the warmth of alt-country, For Everest reminds you that pop-punk doesn’t have to suck, Pickle Boy brings a heartwarming brand of bedroom pop, and Tiny Blue Ghost rounds it all out with a voice so full of soul that it brings an immediate ear-to-ear smile to your face.

Today, we’re bringing you the first of two songs that Tiny Blue Ghost contributed to this entry into the Fear Mint series — the romantic and sarcastic “New Years.” The track is a slow burner that centers around Marissa Carroll’s soulful crooning. It feels like the kind of grandiose love-song that begs for gondola rides to a moonlit dinner up until you start to listen to what Marissa is actually saying. Lyrics like “Oh, I’m sorry if I’ve caused you pain/What you did was wrong/How dare you say that I’m the one to blame”  and “This was months ago/but I’m stronger now/Oh, you were never the victim/Just a coward” pack a bite that is subtle but still stings. These moments really drive home the idea that this is a love song written for Marissa by Marissa, and it’s a damn near perfect one at that.

You can stream “New Years” below.

Fear Mint Volume 4 is out 10/31 on Near Mint Records. Pre-orders are available here.