Trevor James Tillery lovingly refers to the genre of music that he creates as ghost pop, and it’s not hard to see where that names comes from. The chilling and almost industrial style of music allows for his hushed, haunting vocals to feel like they’re surrounding you and creating a presence, not unlike that of a ghost. This brand of pop music takes influence from the pop-leaning side of Linkin Park with a touch of Nine Inch Nails and a little bit of Lorde. Keep that in mind, and you’ve almost got the perfect idea of what to expect from the idiosyncrasy of Trevor James Tillery’s music.

Today, I’m excited to share the most shining example of what Trevor James Tillery brings to the table, the aptly titled “In Your Atmosphere.” The track is brooding and feels expansive; opting to trade in pop’s traditional verse-chorus-verse formula for an experience that builds up to a full-fledged moment of dance bliss. The music itself feels entrancing, and the ethereal quality of his voice creates a bone-chilling atmosphere that you’re never going to want to leave.

You can stream “In Your Atmosphere” below.

When asked to speak on “In Your Atmosphere,” Trevor James Tillery said the following. “Lyrically, this song about the desire to be in someone else’s world, hoping that it will bring color to a seemingly colorless one. It also alludes to a story that my co-writer Nick Duplessis and I created about someone dying in a car crash and having an out of body experience, yearning for the attention of the living again. Sonically, it’s one of my favorite songs I’ve written, and it’s one of those ah-ha moments when the music and lyrics marry together perfectly.”

The single comes from Trevor James Tillery’s new album Together Alone which is due to be released later this year. No dates or pre-orders have been announced, but, you can download “In Your Atmosphere” from your preferred client here.