When I talked to Lula Miranda in January, she indicated new music was on the way. With the success of 2018 single “Cherry Kiss,” this was good news for everyone. A month later we have the next entry in the Buenos Aires-based pop star’s rise. Miranda recently released new single “The Ride,” the next track from her forthcoming second album.

“The Ride” finds Miranda wrapped up in an intense relationship, and the music reflects that intensity. The pop production immediately comes out strong, waves of sound mixing with the echo of her voice almost overlapping on itself through the harmonies. While not every second of the track is quite as in-your-face, the power of the attraction and emotion of the subject is constantly simmering just below the surface. As we also discussed in January, “The Ride” is a bilingual track, with Miranda delivering much of the chorus in Spanish. “The Ride” is a strong followup to “Cherry Kiss,” and Lula Miranda should high on your list of artists to watch in 2019.

You can stream “The Ride” below. Lula Miranda’s upcoming album does not have a release date or name yet, but we will keep you in the loop on new developments as they come.