Des Moines rock outfit SIRES know how to rock. From their live performances to their showmanship behind the camera, the band–consisting of Dylan Sires, Ross Klemz and Graham Howland–pack as much groove into one, three-minute track as they can.

For their latest music video for “Turn It Up,” SIRES took to the halls of Drake University to build a dreamlike story through moving picture. Directed by Jack Meggers and Sires himself, the video focuses around Sires skipping through mostly abandoned hallways, bumping into different characters along the way without really knowing why and eventually running into his bandmates for a quick jam session.

The track itself comes from the band’s upcoming debut album, Soul for Sale, which released last October via Station 1 Records. It’s a light and poppy tune that pulls from classic ’60s and ’70s pop influences while still packing a punch when the chorus roll around.

When asked about the video, Sires said:

“Turn It Up is a song about Friday night. You leave your everyday troubles behind and live in the moment. Sonically, it owes a great deal to George Michael and Bo Diddley. With the video we tried make something that was what dreams are made of, make believe.”

Watch the video above.