You’ll be forgiven if the second season of Daredevil isn’t fresh in your memory. Over the last year and a half since its release, Marvel and Netflix have teamed up for three more series, with Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Defenders all airing since March 2016. The one part of Daredevil‘s that probably still sticks with you is Frank Castle. Jon Bernthal perfectly portrayed The Punisher as a man who has suffered immense loss and is determined to take it out on any bad guys who get in his way. A whole show about him would have to be darker than anything Marvel has brought to the screen before. The first trailer for Marvel’s The Punisher is here, and it is dark.

The trailer begins with flashbacks to happier times for Castle, when his family was still alive. That daydream is shattered when his wife is executed in front of him. Castle then gears up in the present with his trademark body armor and a massive arsenal of weaponry. From there bullets fly, blood splatters, and chaos ensues. Multiple secretive government agencies are after Castle, and its shown that they will use any amount of force and torture to get to him. Even the humor seems darker. When one government agent says that Castle is dead, another points out that it would be hard for a dead man to leave the surrounding wake of destruction and dead bodies.

You can watch the trailer for The Punisher above. The full release date for the series is redacted in both the video and its YouTube description, but will be here before the end of the year.