Luxxe has only been a band for two years, but that hasn’t stopped them from rolling into the world of pop-rock like a freight train. In the last year alone, they’ve opened for acts like Nate Ruess and One Republic. Their brand of pop rock packs all of the high flying and sugary sweet hooks of modern pop music with a driving rock-inspired musicality much in the same vein of acts like Sean Mendes meets Sara Bareilles. Last month, they debuted a song called “The Right Stuff” and it’s the perfect encapsulation of everything that you’re bound to love about this band.

The lyrics and vocals are syrupy sweet. The response to them is bound to be immediate, you don’t want to admit you love them, but goddamnit you know that you do. It’s the perfect kind of carefree and youthful brand of pop music that is bound to make you forget about your worries for a brief moment of escape in pop music paradise. Today, I’m excited to bring you the music video for “The Right Stuf.”

The majority of the music video is shot in split screen and shows each of the two protagonists going about their lives before finally crossing paths at the end. It’s the kind of cheesy and sappy stuff that rom-coms are born of, but it works in juxtaposition with the saccharine nature of the track.

When asked about the song, Luxxe said: “The right stuff is about having the perfect chemistry with someone. Regardless of where you are at in life whether it be long distance, you just met or nobody else sees it, you unapologetically connect with the person. The video portrays two people that do have “The Right Stuff” but they don’t know it until they run into each other.

The music video for “The Right Stuff” can be seen above. You can stream the song on Spotify here.