Tomb Raider is a franchise that’s had its ups and downs. Starting in 1996, the first few games following explorer Lara Croft were hits. As time marched on and we moved into the 2000s the quality of the games began to dip. Alongside these games came the largely forgettable Angelina Jolie films in 2001 and 2003. It seemed the franchise might be nearing an end, but the 2010s breathed life back into the series. 2013’s Tomb Raider and 2015’s Rise of the Tomb Raider were both critically acclaimed games that played well and returned the franchise to its roots in a way fans responded to. Looking to build off that success, a new film has been brewing for many years. It’ll finally come to the big screen next year with Alicia Vikander in the main role, and the film’s first trailer dropped last night.

The trailer begins with Lara returning to her father’s business after years away. Her father was also an explorer, and was on the verge of discovering something huge. Nothing can ever go smoothly, so of course shadowy organization Trinity hope to capture this artifact for evil. The rest of the trailer plays like a highlight reel of what fans love about Tomb Raider. Lara wields a bow to take down bad guys, solves ancient puzzles and riddles, and traverses through collapsing ruins and dangerous jungles.

We’ll have to wait until 2018 to see how this adaptation of Tomb Raider fares. The film is directed by Roar Uthaug and stars Daniel Wu, Walton Goggins, and Dominic West alongside Vikander