Hearing a new artist’s first song is one of the most exciting things in music. You discover who this person is, the things they like to write about, and what their voice sounds like. There’s an entire world of possibilities with every new artist, with each of them delivering new stories and ideas. New LA artist NIve is definitely a crooner, and he does it extremely well while making it his own. The proof of this is in his very first single “Getaway,” which we’re excited to premiere now on Substream.

From the very start of “Getaway” you can tell the whole song is going to be incredibly smooth. The gentle drum loop, the piano line, and the vocals all immediately put the listener in an incredibly mellow mood. Once NIve begins singing you’ll be even more impressed. There’s a charm and delight in his voice that’s impossible to replicate. Guest artist JMSN is equally charming and gives the track an exciting wrinkle with his higher register. When “Getaway” nears the end of its runtime the music switches up with the piano dropping out, and that change really helps keep the listener engaged through the end of the track.

You can listen to NIve’s debut single “Getaway” below. Chances are you’ll like what you hear, so set aside some time to give “Getaway” more than one listen.