Can a single night spent with another person really alter your course in life, or does the importance we place on such things overstate their role in shaping the people we become? Hodera vocalist Matthew Smith believes the answer is “yes,” or at least it was for him, and he’s since preserved his memories of the night in question through the latest single from his band’s upcoming album.

Premiering on Impose Magazine earlier today, “Baltimore” is the latest song to surface from Hodera’s highly-anticipated (and legitimately fucking awesome) new album due out this October on Take This To Heart Records. The song recounts the events of a night in Maryland’s most popular city and how that experience changed Smith on a deeply personal level. You can stream the song below:

“I wrote this song on a night drive from Baltimore to Philadelphia,” Smith tells Impose Magazine. “My bandmates were up front driving the van and I was sitting in the way back, feelin’ sort of depressed. It was the middle of January and there was a lot of black ice on the road. Using black ice as a metaphor was the inspiration for the song. I didn’t have a guitar on me so I wrote the song entirely in my head. It was the only time I’ve ever written a full song without an instrument.”

Hodera will release their new album, First Things First, on October 20. Preorder options are available now via the Take This To Heart online store.

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