When I think about the kind of pop-rock that I was surrounded with when I was growing up, I often remember it as a handful of boisterous and flamboyant songs about falling in and out of love. Nothing was too outwardly political and whatever was had been draped in enough metaphor that I wouldn’t catch on to it until one of the countless times that I revisit songs that I grew up with and everything just clicks. It’s just that I miss the kind of care-free and cruising kind of attitude that comes with that kind of detached brand of pop-rock, and listening to the music of Next Door to the Moon elicits a lot of those same feelings for me.

Today, I’m excited to share the music video for “Medication” with y’all! The track comes from their Will Pugh produced Can’t Quit It EP and is a bouncy bout with the poppiest of pop-rock. The melody is bound to run a marathon through your head until you catch yourself singing that infectious chorus of “I need your medication/Running through my veins/Inject you like a needle/Numb all of the pain/I wanna feel the sensation/I wanna take you home/‘Cuz this feeling is too much fun/And I don’t wanna be done.” Props to Next Door to the Moon for writing a hook that makes the love/drug comparison not feel tired and worn. The music video shows off more of the fun side of the band– opting for a handful of playful performance scenes over a traditional story makes the most sense for what the band is doing, and it really paid off here.

The music video for “Medication” can be seen above. Can’t Quit It is out now. Grab your copy here.

You can catch Next Door to the Moon on tour starting in February. All dates are listed below.

Tour Dates
02/04/17 The Hotel Utah San Francisco, CA
02/09/17 City Bar San Diego, CA
02/10/17 DiPiazza Long Beach, CA
02/23/17 Amplyfi Hollywood, CA
04/06/17 Legend’s Las Vegas, NV
04/27/17 Woodham’s Lounge Santa Clara, CA