Future Teens will be the first people to tell you that their band started as a joke. A sloppy, three-song show that took place during a Fourth of July party serves as the foursome’s origin story. From that point on, the band has been pedals to the floor when it comes to securing their seat as one of the most impressive bummer-pop bands around. The phrase “bummer-pop” may sound unfortunate, but the genre is more familiar than you may think. Notably spearheaded by the public’s favorite nerds, Weezer. Chugging chords and lyrics that fluctuate between self-deprecative and feelings of being jaded are staples that make the music so endearing.

Future Teens will release their debut album, Hard Feelings, this Friday on the always impressive Take This To Heart Records. Hard Feelings is packed full of driving songs from dual perspectives, both of which feel comfortable in the ripe world of angsty and hormonal melodrama. You can hear this throughout the record, but the most poignant example comes from the penultimate track “Giving Up On Crushes.” A sweet and sour buildup leads to the lyric “I don’t wanna know what love is/I’m giving up on crushes” and packs enough of a bitter bite that it’s going to be stuck in your head for eternity

The back and forth between vocalists (forgive me for using the names listed on the band’s Facebook page) Amy and Doo soar when juxtaposed with the bouncy, mid-tempo brand of power pop that will carry you from the first notes of “Sleep Schedule” to the very last of “DTFL” in a way that will supernaturally drag your finger back to that play button. I could not be more excited to share this record with y’all. If you’re a fan of the hook-ridden and oft downtrodden brand of pop-rock that Weezer and Rozwell Kid have capitalized on, you’re going to absolutely love Future Teens.

You can listen to Hard Feelings in full below.

Hard Feelings is out 9/29 on CD/Digital via Take This To Heart Records. Pre-orders are available here. Be sure to connect with Future Teens on Facebook and Twitter.