Most people look back on their neon phase with feelings of anguish and regret, but that’s not the case for the guys in ANSON. The infectious brand of pop rock found on their forthcoming EP, To Be or Nothing At All, is drenched in the melodrama that saturated the music that sound tracked countless MySpace profiles in the early aughts.

Comparisons to the early workings of bands like Mayday Parade and Paramore are the easiest to make once you hear the high flying choruses that are sure to become their signature.

Today, I’m excited to share the music video for a new song called “Hailey” that tackles the feelings that come with missing a relationship that you know was doomed from the start. You can see the music video for “Hailey” above, and read a statement from front-man ANSON Li below.

I’d do anything to keep you around. Hailey isn’t a real person I have this songwriting technique about writing a story using bits and pieces of various memories and interactions in my life. I weave the moments together to formulate a new story that makes a song. And that’s how I wrote hailey. It’s taking stories from break ups. Going to each others places, fighting, breaking up, fighting to get that person back, returning all their stuff and being upset about it. It’s the story about a girl breaking up with you. She’s moving on and I’m just there saying “we can make it, how do we get back to where we were” The world feels dark when she leaves. There isn’t an answer to this break up story if she stays or leaves. And I did that on purpose to leave the interpretation of what happens to the listener. It’s up to the listener for the end of the story.

You can preorder To Be or Nothing At All right now. Click here for details.