Almost every single artist out there loves performing live. You almost have to in order to go into music. There are a few outliers, but for the most part every musician you talk to will be thrilled to step on stage. Of those performers, there are some who love live performance. The artists who cherish every single night on a stage like it’s the best night of their lives. Those are the bands that really wow audiences because that connection is so strong. Utah’s The National Parks is one of those bands. You can see it for yourself in the band’s new music video for “Lights In The City,” a track off their 2017 album Places. We’re thrilled to premiere the video right here on Substream.

The best way to explain something you love is to show it to people, and that’s exactly what The National Parks do in the video for “Lights In The City.” Taken from a few of their shows, the entire video is centered around the band’s live performances. Jeremy Prusso did an amazing job capturing and editing the footage, with camera angles and movement that gives the viewer a very close approximation of being at a show themselves. What stands out here is not only the footage itself, but the joy it captures. The crowd is naturally excited and engaged, but it’s the faces of the band members that stay with you. There’s so much happiness and energy in their expressions as they play. Even watching through a computer screen, you can tell this means everything to them. It’s special to find that in someone, and The National Parks have captured their full essence in this video.

Vocalist and guitarist Brady Parks explained the entire journey behind “Lights In The City,” saying:

“The video for ‘Lights In The City’ is special to us because it represents the excitement we feel every time we step on stage. ‘Lights,’ as we call it, was written during a crazy and exciting time in my life when I was graduating college, moving to a new city and beginning a new relationship. Life was a whirlwind at the time with the unknown ahead. As soon as I wrote the song, I couldn’t wait to play it live and it quickly became one of our favorites to perform at shows because of the way the crowd makes it come to life in a whole new way. Much like where I was at in life when I wrote the song, touring and playing shows across the country and pursuing this dream of music is crazy, scary, exciting and beautiful. The unknown is ahead but the constant is our love for our fans and the joy we feel when we get to step on a stage.”

You can watch the video for “Lights In The City” below. If you want to catch The National Parks live yourself, you can see a list of upcoming tour dates on their website.