Now Now have been the sweethearts of indie-pop for nearly a decade now. Existing first as Now Now Every Children, they released their debut album Cars in 2009 and have been on a steady journey towards world domination ever since. Each release showcased the true power of this band, constantly surpassing their own previous material by showing off their growing knack for haunting melodies and lyrics that seemingly evolve tenfold whenever they hit the studio.

Three years and a slight name change later, Now Now released the critical darling, Threads, which was the true beginning of their journey toward proper pop stardom.Threads is the kind of record that held a lot of promise. The culmination of everything that Now Now had been building toward at this point; heavy and melodic indie-pop that finds weight in its restrained delivery. And then they disappeared. Now Now remained silent for five years before making their triumphant return with “SGL” back in May.

Today, the band released their second single — a haunting and melody rich piece of pop real estate called “Yours.” If you’re a fan of the brand of 80’s inspired pop that’s been offered by the likes of Bleachers and Carly Rae Jepsen, you’re not going to want to miss out on this track. Be sure to listen to “Yours” below.

“Yours” was released on all streaming platforms today. Stay tuned to Substream for more news on Now Now in the future.