Stickers are great. They’re a fun way to express yourself, they’re usually pretty cheap, and there’s just something fun about the act of peeling them off and sticking them onto something. It’s a good thing they’re fun, because in The Shins‘ new music video for “Half a Million,” the band used quite a few stickers. 5,566, to be exact.

As explained in the video’s description, the band filmed themselves against a white backdrop and then printed out stickers from each individual frame of the footage. In motion, the result is a cool layered look as the stickers are laid on top of one another to create the video. The stickers are used in a variety of places, including fences, cars, and on top of a meat and cheese platter. Talk about commitment to stickers.

“Half a Million” is from the band’s fifth album Heartworms, which was released in March through Columbia Records. As you can see for yourself above, the wait for this music video was definitely worth it.