Los Angeles indie-pop trio the Great Escape have a load of jangly, experimental pop jams for your ears to absorb and they all come wrapped up in one pretty package, titled Universe In Bloom. With inventive and intricate instrumental backdrops and Ingrid Andersson’s classic-sounding vocals front and center, the band combines elements seemingly derived from rock pioneers of the late ’60s and adds a modern twist with influences presumably taken from the likes of the Black Keys, Alabama Shakes, and the like to create an 11-track effort packed with variety and replay value.

Given the scope of styles and ideas tackled within Universe In Bloom‘s 42-minute runtime, it really doesn’t do the album too much justice to try and describe it. It’s best to just dive in for the experience and come out the other side with a newfound love in the Great Escape. You can do so below, where you’ll also find a couple of mini documentary-style music videos that bring some of the band’s singles together with interesting subjects for impressive final results.

Universe In Bloom is available to stream and purchase via a variety of platforms here.