Dan Black is up to something. It’s evident from visiting his website, which features a bust sculpture with digitized squares covering up the face. Some squares have already been filled in, while others are simply white with a countdown in seconds to the moment a new song will be unveiled. This is all part of Black’s unique rollout for his brand new album, Do Not Revenge out July 7, which he is calling “12 Songs, 12 Experiences.” With the release of each track comes a unique experience, from a play-along video game (see “Space Invaders“) to standard music videos (see “Headphones” and “Farewell“).

Today, we are pleased to bring you the newest installment of the project–a 100 camera video experience for the song “Wash Away.” Beyond the song being incredibly catchy and well put together sonically, the video seems simple, with Black performing the song in the center of a circle of cameras. But as the beat comes in, the angles change steadily and it becomes obvious that while the video appears to be a simple set up, the process behind creating it was complex.

Black elaborated on the music video, saying:

“‘Wash Away’ is the song I am most proud of on Do Not Revenge. Its a hymn for atheists. A spiritual for the cynical. It best captures my inner state these last few years. My polar mix of nights of anxiety and days of joyful creating. The sands in the timer seem to be slipping ever quicker. For the digital experience, Chic & Artistic took me and 100 cameras to a little desert outside Kiev, Ukraine, and then left me all alone to sing my little heart out.”

Watch the video above.