Portland’s latest, greatest band offer fans another taste of their forthcoming album.

The most refreshing thing an artist or group can offer listeners in today’s oversaturated marketplace is the one thing most major labels tend to avoid: Originality. After all, the worst kept secret in the business of music today that it is largely manufactured, with teams of people working behind the scenes to make a single act succeed. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but there remains something special to be said for those who create a path entirely their own using nothing more than their wit and creativity.

Such is the case with Icarus The Owl. The latest, great band from Portland to claw their way into the national spotlight after years of independent success have partnered with Substream to premiere “The Renaissance of Killing Art”. The song is the fourth single to be offered in advance of the band’s latest album, Rearm Circuits, arriving December 1. You can stream the song above.

You only need a few seconds of “The Renaissance of Killing Art” to understand the allure of Icarus The Owl. There is an immediately hypnotic vibe, as if you have walked in on the band long into a groove they discovered well before you entered the space where it was being performed. It’s a comfortable, yet frantic space that pairs wells with the beautiful lyricism. It may take you a bit to memorize every line, but it’s certainly worth the effort.

The lyrics for “The Renaissance of Killing Art” are as follows:

My colossal waste of time outside of the concert halls, I have been a fraud.
They look the same to me; it’s the renaissance of killing art, but no one gives a fuck.

Cold, oscillating brain; fingers in the ground.
They lended me technology and now I’ve got to leave.
Souls shattered on the bones of previous unknowns.
Cauterize the bloody mess and churn one out for me.

Plastic smiles; self-destructive sycophants. Do it and do it again.

Consummate in the car. Could you dig me out of this hole? Can you get me out of this?
What’s the point of all of these shows? What’s the point of all this?
I thought the line did not exist. I thought I was meant for it – Incidentally, so did you.
I’m nervous and I cannot move.

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