Djent masters Veil Of Maya offer fans an exclusive track-by-track guide to their new album.

Longevity is the truest marker of success in the music industry. Lightning can strike once for anyone, but capturing and sustaining the interest of enough people to support a lifelong career in music is a level of success very few achieve in any genre. Veil Of Maya have been making music and traveling the world since 2004, and they recently celebrated their continued success with the release of their sixth studio album, False Idol. Fans have had a few weeks to digest the record, but if you haven’t done so already take a listen below:

Today we are thrilled to partner with Veil Of Maya member Marc Okubo and Lukas Magyar to offer a track-by-track rundown of False Idol. Enjpy:


Max Schad [producer] and I were showing our label and manager the songs and trying to come up with a cohesive track order. Some of us stepped outside for a break and when we came back Max had arranged this intro based off one of the other songs on the album. Max is awesome. (Marc Okubo, guitarist and founding member)


This is definitely one of the darker tracks on the album. We went pretty theatrical with the singing on this one because I thought it fit the vibe really well. It turned out to be very unique colored to the rest of the album. – (Lukas Magyar, vocalist)


We tracked vocals to this song second so it was done early on. I think it helped us get an overall perspective on how the general sound of the album would be. (Magyar)


This song came out entirely different than I imagined it originally, but I’m glad it did. I waited to track vocals for this one in particular so it was one of the last ones we worked on. I think waiting on it was the right option because we didn’t force anything. (Magyar)


Fun fact, “Fracture” was originally named “Whistleblower” during pre pro. It got switched because the lyrical content for this song correlated better with the name. (Magyar)

“Echo Chamber”

This one is a bit unique because it almost has two separate choruses. We tracked part of this song during the first week and then finished the rest of it at the end when we had a better feel for it. (Magyar)

“Pool Spray”

What I like most about this song is the feel of the chorus. I did something a little different and I think the tonality really came through because of it. I see a lot of people talking about this song specifically online so I think it’ll be added into the set at some point. (Magyar)


What a brutal track! This has one of the more emotional choruses I think. It’s another one people have been talking about quite a bit. I’m not surprised that this seems to be one of the fan favorites. (Magyar)


This song is actually the only song we’ve ever had that is all singing. It was an experiment in a way. Maybe we’ll touch on that more in the future. (Magyar)


This song is badass! (Magyar)

“Follow Me”

There’s a futuristic theme in this song if you read the lyrics. I don’t want to ruin anything, but SPOILER ALERT! This song is about an army of robots. (Magyar)


The unique thing about this song is in the vocal rhythms. It’s almost like rap in a couple sections. (Magyar)


There is a brutal ending to this album. Pay close attention to the lyrics on this one. (Magyar)

False Idol is available now wherever music is sold.