We at Substream believe you can never have enough thrillers set aboard airplanes. There is an inherent sense of tension that comes with flying, and the uneasiness is only further emphasized in films where some kind of mid-flight chaos ensues. Altitude, a new action film arriving in theaters and on demand tomorrow (April 14) from Lionsgate, leverages the way flying makes us feel to create an adventure that will no doubt leave many on the edge of their seat.

Today we are thrilled to premiere an exclusive clip from Altitude. In the footage, which you can find below, Gretchen Blair (Denise Richards) is offered a giant reward in exchange for helping a man she has just met survive a flight. Check it out:

The official synopsis reads:

Gretchen Blair (Denise Richards) is a headstrong FBI agent who goes rogue on a hostage negotiation and is sent packing to a desk job back in DC. By a stroke of luck, she’s upgraded to business class on her flight – but as soon as the plane takes off, her seatmate (Kirk Barker) offers her millions of dollars if she can get him off the plane alive. As his ex-partners (Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Liddell, and Greer Grammar) stage a brutal hijacking, Gretchen finds herself in the fight of her life – choosing sides between two factions of a criminal gang and trying to keep the plane from going down.

Again, Altitude arrives in theaters and on demand tomorrow, April 14. Don’t miss it!