Charlie Hole has a voice packed with so much soul that you’d swear it bore the pain of the entire world. There’s a feeling of sincerity that radiates from the grittiness of his vocals and the sheer power in which they’re delivered that immediately draws comparisons to legends like Billy Joel and Rod Stewart. His debut EP, Someone Else’s Dream, will be released this Friday and is packed full of the kind of timeless piano rock that is sure to resonate with listeners of all ages. People young and old are sure to find something to cling to in the music of Charlie Hole, and that’s something that a lot of people in his position would kill for.

Today, we’re sharing the title track from Somone Else’s Dream. It’s a somber and harrowing piano ballad that swells around Charlie Hole’s brooding and soul-piercing delivery of “so pick me up/god knows that I just won’t give up/one of these day’s I’ll be strong enough for love.” It’s the kind of song that will stick with you for days, if not for the lyrics, then for the unfiltered power that the song has to offer.

You can stream the new Charlie Hole song, “Someone Else’s Dream,” below.

Charlie Hole will release Someone Else’s Dream on October 6th.