Since announcing their upcoming album Paradise (out on June 16 via Victory Records), the L.A.-based pop rockers in Broadside have premiered hit after hit, revealing a plethora of incredible tracks from the band’s sophomore effort.

Today, the cycle continues with the premiere of their new single, “Laps Around A Picture Frame,” right here on Substream. Avid listeners of the band may notice that the song doesn’t start out with the powerful lead vocals of Ollie Baxxter. Instead, guitarist Dorian Cooke takes the lead on the opening verse, showing that not only can he compete with the best voices in the industry, but also how deep the talent runs in Broadside. The song chronicles the experience of having a panic attack from two different perspectives.

When asked about the track, Cooke said:

“We wanted to capture two completely different humans having the exact same mental breakdown. We wrote the music, lyrics, and arrangement around a panic attack in a crowded environment. Even the name is an exercise for panic attacks taught to me by a therapist. The persona I represent is of someone that’s on the higher end of the social spectrum, someone popular and beautiful on the outside but has that constant struggle internally.”

Baxxter adds: “I portray a young female persona shaped by the harshness of her environment, which is a story shared with me by a close friend whenever she is in a public setting. I know it’s something much more common than people tend to show.”

Stream “Laps Around A Picture Frame” at the top of the page.