When we last checked in on Night Argent, they were getting us fired up with “Dreamcatcher” in May. Now as the release of their new EP, The Fear, is fast approaching, they’ve shared “Mannequin,” another new track and its accompanying music video that embodies an entirely different message (via Consequence of Sound).

“Mannequin” is an electronically-tinged ballad held together by a melancholy guitar and raw emotion. Frontman Chase Manhattan sings about the hollow pit he feels after the departure of a partner, and that emptiness translates into feeling like the titular store display. In a statement, Manhattan further elaborated:

The initial lyrics and concept for “Mannequin” came to me while showering in the hotel room prior to an all day co-writing session we had in Los Angeles. I just kept thinking about the similarities between someone who feels like they’ve lost everything of importance to them, everything that made them who they are, and a mannequin. When someone or something has taken and left with such a big part of you, you no longer feel like yourself, you feel like an empty shell, whose only purpose left in life is to be a filler for your clothes.

The video features the group playing against dim purple light alongside dancers in mannequin-esque masks. There are also some affecting closeups of the group as they float in some misty waters.

The Fear EP is out on July 14 through Outerloop Records.