Any Netflix user worth their salt knows that besides pool parties and vacations, summer means a new season of Orange Is The New Black. The release date for Season 5 is just a month away, and to celebrate the streaming service released the trailer for the newest season, which looks to tackle some serious current issues.

The trailer picks up immediately where Season 4 left off with the inmates of Litchfield enraged over (SPOILERS FOR THE END OF SEASON 4! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD! SHIELD YOUR EYES) Poussey’s death. In the wake of this tragedy, the women are banding together in order to improve conditions in the prison. In a continuing trend from the last few seasons, Piper Chapman barely appears in the trailer, taking a backseat for the show to showcase the rest of the incredibly strong and diverse cast. While the topics of Season 5 are incredibly heavy and important, there are still moments of humor throughout the trailer.

Orange Is The New Black returns to Netflix for its fifth season on June 9.