Providence, Rhode Island indie-funk trio Space Motel released their second album, a follow-up to 2015’s Departure, earlier this year. Appropriately titled Arrival, the band’s newest offering is a natural progression from the varied sounds found on its predecessor, with a bevy of instruments and players involved in contributing to the diverse arrangements.

Arrival is a mostly mellow affair with moments of loudness and upbeat funk elements shining through occasionally, but there’s some straight-up tenderness on the album, too (“Don’t Lean” for example, which hearkens back to Motown-era R&B and soul). It’s a deceptively full listen with just nine tracks but it still clocks in at around 40 minutes in total length. It serves well as a background listen or a central focus when you need to kick back and soak in some R&R.

You can listen to Arrival in full below via Bandcamp where you can also purchase the album digitally and on CD.