Over the last year and change, we’ve been following Australian-born, London-based duo Geowulf closely. Star Kendrick and Toma Banjanin’s brand of wonderfully dreamy pop music has amazed us with each new release. There have been a ton of singles and videos, but Geowulf just shared their biggest news yet. In February, the duo will release their debut album, titled Great Big Blue. In addition, they also shared new single “Hideaway” to hold us over until the new year.

A nice little drum roll gives “Hideaway” its grounding, and Kendrick and Banjanin provide the expected perfect harmonies. The song is about a love that doesn’t reciprocate Kendrick’s feelings, instead choosing to “hideaway” from their feelings. Musically, “Hideaway” might be Geowulf’s waviest, most mellow song to date. That’s not a bad thing at all.

You can listen to “Hideaway” below. Great Big Blue will be out on February 16. Pre-orders for the album are now live. We’ve also included the track list below, which contains many of Geowulf’s songs we’ve grown to love in 2017, along with some new ones that we’re sure will wow us.

Great Big Blue Track List
1. “Sunday”
2. “Saltwater”
3. “Get You”
4. “Greatest Fool”
5. “Hideaway”
6. “Only High”
7. “Drink Too Much”
8. “Don’t Talk About You”
9. “Won’t Look Back”
10. “Summer Fling”
11. “Work In Progress”