It’s a Texas thing. Highly-regarded Dallas recording artist Rakim Al-Jabbaar taps the Houston gatekeeper, Bun B, 1/2 of the legendary duo UGK, for a mainstream breakthrough. Their collaboration, “Picture Me Rollin,” using slick-tongued, antagonistic and assertive verses, the well-respected lyricists represent the adored unique hustler’s mentality that’s made Texas hip-hop the polarizing entity it is today. For the Huey Rawls-directed visual, Bun and Rakim take a ride through the Triple D to show the fans what it took to get the residuals, resonating in the extravagant clothes, jewelry and cars.

Bun B’s involvement on the single is a personal highlight for the ascending Rakim Al-Jabbaar, an artist who has idolized the Trill creator since the beginning of his career. On the dream collaboration, next to his idol, Rakim challenged himself to deliver his best verse yet.

“Working with Bun B was more than a dream come true,” Rakim shares in a press release. “This was the toughest song for me to complete to what I consider perfection. So much so that I didn’t get the final version until 6:45 am the morning of the video shoot. After the shoot, I experienced being high off of life for the first time. The main thing I want people to gain from this video is the value of teamwork. I had just worked with not only a legend, but a man who knew my father and respected him. This video exemplifies the value and benefit of teamwork. Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way.”

The release of new music is a slow burn for a new Rakim Al-Jabbaar album expected in 2021. In 2020, Rakim released two singles with “Dedication” and “95 State of Mind,” and collaborated on new albums by Lamar Adot Thomas, Rob Viktum and Mr Hit Dat. This year, along with “Picture Me Rollin,” Rakim previously released two new songs, “OG Cypher” and “Vodoun Gumbo.”

ClassikMussik on the hook. Bun B appears courtesy of II Trill Enterprise. “Picture Me Rollin'” is available everywhere via Original Gods Muuzyk.

Check out the full video to “Picture Me Rollin” below and follow Rakim Al-Jabbaar on social media.