Long Beach, California band Sterile Jets are releasing a brand new album tomorrow, May 4, titled No Gods No Loss. Reminiscent of bands like Self Defense Family, the 10-track effort offers elements of post and alternative punk, with noise rock and more thrown in for good, dissonant measure.

The video for the single “Fireside Drive” is packed with archival footage and old animation clips featuring Charlie Chaplin, the Flintstones, and more. While some of the relevance may be lost on the viewer, it’s entertaining to watch nonetheless. Guitarist/vocalist Robert Bly Moore says, “The video is based almost entirely on a bunch of clips, movies, and PSAs that are in the public domain. I edited it down into a loose (OK, very loose) story that matched the building tension of the song. The song is about a girl B.ILL was really into, but when he found out she wasn’t into him, the song (and video) took a darker turn.”

Check it out below.

Speaking a little to the progression of the band’s sound on the new album, Moore continues, “If you listen to our last record and compare it to No Gods, you can hear our evolution. We’ve found our voice and gelled into a tight band. We’re always working to stretch ourselves and do something different, and No Gods sees us exploring new time signatures, new rhythms, new lyrical ideas. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to be better.”

No Gods No Loss is available to purchase digitally and on CD and vinyl through Sterile Jets’ Bandcamp. The album is being released through Yesca Rock.