Fleet Foxes are building towards the release of their third studio album, Crack-Up. With less than a month left to go, the band released a music video for new track “Fool’s Errand” this morning, and it’s visually striking.

The video follows a few trio of women plus a solo dancer as they perform intricate choreography in front of a beautiful, rocky cliffside vista. Credit is due to choreographer Steven Reker for creating an intensely kinetic routine that perfectly matches the song. We would also be remiss in not telling you there’s a dog in the video. The dog’s name is Suzie. We hope Suzie knows she’s a good dog. The full list of credits is found in the video’s description, and you should take a minute to read it to discover all the names that went into this stunning video.

Crack-Up will be released through Nonesuch Records on June 16. Pre-orders of the album are now available.