In just two short months NEEDTOBREATHE’s 2016 album H A R D L O V E celebrate its first year of release. If you recall, we spoke with the band in the weeks leading up to the record arriving in stores, and we came away from that conversation expecting something special. After more than a decade together, NEEDTOBREATHE had found a new groove that reignited their passion, and that renewed energy continues to shine through in the group’s new video for “Hard Love.”

As you may have already seen, the video above adds context to the message of “Hard Love” by a splicing wonderfully-designed performance sequence with stories of people doing their best to get by in this crazy world. They might not be the richest or the best looking individuals, but they have heart and people who love them. They have responsibilities that they do not let slip, even when they may prefer to relax. They keep going when the rest of would rather quit because they know there is no peace in sedation.

To be clear, this single take of “Hard Love” is not the same version of the song that appeared on the album of the same name. This version, which you could argue is a remix, features additional vocals from singer and songwriter Andra Day. The reworked track was recorded for the faith-based film The Shack, which starred Sam Worthington and was released into theaters in early March. The structure of the song is the same, but Day’s presence adds a little something special to help keep things interesting.

NEEDTOBREATHE recently announced plans for an extensive fall tour with support from Gavin DeGraw. The group will performing full acoustic sets at every show for the first time in their history as a band. A teaser for the performances can be viewed below.

H A R D L O V E is available now wherever music is sold.