Breakups are never any fun. That’s doubly true when you’re in high school, and it seems like everything stings just a little bit more than normal. LA five-piece Hey Violet captured that feeling on their single, “Break My Heart,” and the new video for the track gives the idea some visual flair as well.

The video stars frontwoman Rena Lovelis as the wronged party. Directed by Jesse Heath and Darren Craig, the video is doused in neon blue and pink lights as Lovelis retrieves a baseball bat. While you might think we’re heading towards a busted up car, Lovelis instead destroys her own heart in the form of a giant piñata. Interspersed throughout are performance shots of the band bringing an energy that matches the electric velocity of the track. Lovelis further explained the video in a press release saying, “The story is told through the moody color palette and crazy visual edits, which represent the intense range of emotions you go through during a break up and shows how quickly your feelings can change moment to moment.”

Get ready for a flashback to your own breakups, and watch the video now:

If you’re into “Break My Heart,” we have more good news for you. Hey Violet’s debut album is coming in June courtesy of Hi or Hey Records. Stay tuned for more info.